May 12, 2020

The new protocol: have you got a COVIDSafe Plan?

Australian business owners are gearing up to embrace the new normal as Prime Minister Scott Morrison and chief medical officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, have laid out a three-step plan to reopen Australia after the coronavirus crisis. The unveiling of the three-step plan has introduced what is set to become the new standard for business safety protocol: the COVIDSafe Plan.

Workplaces will be required to develop and implement a COVIDSafe Plan as early as step one of the three-step roll out. Businesses such as restaurants, retail stores and shopping centres will be the first to be mandated, with more workplaces to follow as step two is introduced.

COVIDSafe Plans will be based on industry best practice and demonstrate that businesses in compliance with the plan have created a safe environment which may allow greater flexibility in the application of the restrictions. They will require extensive detail in regard to health and hygiene practices, hand sanitisation, cleaning and social distancing practices.

When do I need to have a COVIDSafe Plan? States and territories will implement step one of the three-step plan to ease restrictions beginning this week. Restaurants, cafes, retail, shopping centres and hair and beauty services will need to develop a COVIDSafe Plan as a priority. Key dates and information Step one of easing restrictions will be implemented around Australia as outlined below:

Northern Territory – Friday 1 May More information: Northern Territory Government South Australia – Monday 11 May More information: Government of South Australia Victoria – Tuesday 12 May More information: Victoria State Government Queensland – Friday 15 May More information: Queensland Government Australian Capital Territory – Friday 15 May More information: ACT Government New South Wales – Friday 15 May More information: NSW Government Tasmania – Monday 18 May More information: Tasmanian Government Western Australia – Monday 18 May More information: Government of Western Australia What does a COVIDSafe Plan require?

The requirements for your COVIDSafe Plan will differ from state-to-state and more details are outlined in the links above. As a minimum, businesses will be required to prove a strategic and compliant approach to health and hygiene practices, worker education, hand washing and sanitisation, physical distancing and sickness protocols. You will be required to provide your COVIDSafe Plan on request and it is crucial that appropriate measures and protocols are in place.

How can Imperial Merchant Group help?

As businesses navigate this new protocol, Imperial Merchant Group are here to assist with not only ensuring that you have access to all the essential health items needed to meet the new requirements, including hand sanitiser and no-touch dispensary units, but also that you are able to develop and implement a COVIDSafe Plan effectively.

Our consultants can develop and produce your COVIDSafe plan in its entirety, ensuring compliance with industry and government standards, providing valuable knowledge on requirements and protocol. Contact us today to have a chat about your needs and how we can help to get your business compliant and operational.

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