Imperial Merchant Group provides end-to-end solutions for implementing and managing COVIDSafe protocols for the workplace.


High-quality products that comply with industry and government standards. 



No-touch hand sanitiser dispenser units to comply with health and hygiene regulations.

Tailored implementation of your industry COVID Safe plan to meet state requirements

In these unprecedented times, protocols and regulations are changing rapidly. Click below to get up to date with the latest government and industry standards and ensure your business is ahead of the curve.




Hand sanitiser is an essential health and hygiene product required by the new COVIDSafe protocols. Your business will be required to design and implement hand sanitation stations throughout the workplace, ensuring that all products and units meet minimum health regulations as determined by state governments.

Imperial Merchant Group source and supply high-quality hand sanitiser products that will exceed the requirements for your COVID Safe Plan.

Our hand sanitisers:

  • Contain a minimum concentration of 70% alcohol, exceeding current World Health Organisation recommendations, which only require 60% alcohol

  • Come in a variety of dispensing methods from individual use to commercial size refills

  • Are produced as a gel solution making them gentle on all skin types and are fast-drying and rinse-free.

Hand sanitiser is a cost-effective and convenient solution to meeting COVIDSafe protocols, and can be implemented in place of installing additional wash stations.



Contact us today so we can discuss the needs of your business and find a solution that ensures you never compromise on quality.

Along with the demand for hand sanitiser, businesses are investing in innovative, no-touch dispensers to comply with COVID Safe protocols. 

No-touch dispensing units are a compliant alternative to installed washing stations, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution and negate the need to alter your workplace environment. 

  • High-quality, touch-free units

  • Refillable cartridges mean reduced wastage and environmentally-friendly 

  • Adjustable actuations give you the ability to control administrations

  • Sleek, contemporary design to compliment all environments

  • Perspex panel for easy level assessment

  • Wall-mounting, stand alone and desk units available to ensure easy integration to your workplace

  • Battery operated, meaning no need to conceal leads

Imperial Merchant Group have a range of dispensing units available to lease on flexible payment schedules, eliminating the need for excessive upfront costs.



Desk units

Stand-alone units

It is crucial in the current global climate that businesses are compliant and response to the ever-changing protocols and standards for health and safety. 


The Australian government has stipulated that all reinstated establishments produce and adhere to a COVID Safe Plan, provided by state industry bodies, that outlines the venue's compliance with health and safety protocols.

Imperial Merchant Group specialise in site-specific audits and tailored implementation of industry COVID Safe Plans to ensure your business' compliance.


This service includes:

  • A professional assessment of your business requirements in comparison with industry standards

  • Tailored implementation of government-compliant COVID Safe Plan, ensuring all protocols are adhered to and actioned in the workplace

  • A materials pack including all required signage and instructions for employees



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The Australian government's 3-step framework: what you need to know

The Australian government has released a 3-step framework to structure the easing of restrictions around the country and implement new protocols for workplaces to reopen. Under the new framework, businesses will be mandated to design and implement a COVID Safe Plan to verify their compliance with new health and hygiene requirements.

Step 2 of the 3-step framework will be implemented on a state-by-state basis. Click below for more information related to the 3-step framework and what it means for your business. 

Step 2 

implementation dates by state

Let Imperial Merchant Group take the uncertainty and stress out of meeting your compliance requirements. Our consultants can advise on what supplies you need, appropriate quantities and implement your industry COVID Safe Plan to ensure your business is equipped for reopening.


We procure high-grade quality products across a multitude of industries, ensuring that quality and service is never compromised.


We streamline your supply chain by dealing directly with manufacturers and coordinating timely and efficient outcomes.


Extensive experience with solution based end-to-end process management from manufacturers, packaging and branding, through to logistics.

Contact us today so we can discuss the needs of your business and find a solution that ensures you never compromise on quality.