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Sourcing and supplying highly sought-after products and materials for industries and markets around the world. 


The Imperial Merchant Group is an Australian procurement company, servicing the needs of clients across multiple industries around the world.


We specialise in solution based sourcing of highly sought-after materials and products which can be governed by a myriad of different standards and specifications in their respective countries.


We continue to grow with the ever-changing needs of our clients and global market, whilst providing results in end-to-end production, sourcing and logistics.


Quality materials, production, finished products, packaging  and logistics complying with the highest standard and requirements in their respective countries.

We procure high-grade quality products across a multitude of industries, ensuring that quality and service is never compromised.

Extensive experience with solution based end-to-end process management from manufacturers, packaging and branding, through to logistics.

We streamline your supply chain by dealing directly with manufacturers and coordinating timely and efficient outcomes.


Contact us today so we can discuss the needs of your business and find a solution that ensures you never compromise on quality.

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